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Hi everyone! We hope you are keeping safe at home! Even if you don't have access to musical instruments at home, there is still so much you can do! 

BPSP Virtual Choir

Music tech

The new terms topic of Music is Music Technology! Follow this link to access all the bits you need!


A message from Mrs Talbot

To all children at BPSP, 

I am missing your amazing voices, so here is a singing challenge for you all! I initially did this challenge for 'Vocability', but this is something you can all do! Just follow my guidance in the video. If you scroll to the bottom of the 'mash up' page, you will see a YouTube link that shares other examples of songs you could use to 'mash up'. You also might like to create your own backing track for your 'mash up' using the instructions provided for GarageBand, that appears at the bottom of the page. 

A message from Ms. JM

Dear children and all your families,

Miss Staines, who is the leader of one of BPSP’s choirs ‘Voices With Soul’, and her song writing partner, Esther, have composed and produced this beautiful song, ‘Superheroes‘.  Mrs Talbot and myself were incredibly moved when hearing it. Miss Staines would love for members of ‘Voices With Soul’ to hear it, but we want it to be shared with the whole school community. It is a beautiful, moving and uplifting song with a message, that I know we can all relate to and engage with at this time. It has certainly inspired me to sit at my piano and start composing again!  If you watch the video carefully you will certainly spot Miss Staines, but might also spot Mr. Fahy! Miss Staines has let us know that this will be featured on SOUTH TODAY at some point next week. (Week beginning 18th May). If we get news of exactly when, I will update you so you can tune in. Keep an eye out though!
Thank you for the inspiration Miss Staines and Esther, you talented ladies! Enjoy everyone! Ms. JM.

Stick Practice

With Mrs Johnstone- McCarthy

Lesson Three

Lesson Three

Lesson One- Stick Practice 1 

Lesson Two - Stick Practice 2 

Lesson Three- African Drum Performance, What we're aiming for.

Lesson Four-  African Drumming 1 

Lesson Five - African Drumming 2

Stick Practice 3

Lesson Six- African Drumming 3. The rhythm cycle 

Lesson Seven- African Drumming 4. 

Lesson Eight- African Drumming 5

Year Five African Drumming Performance

Year Six African Drumming Performance

Year Five & Six Drumming Modelling 

Year 5&6 Final African Drumming Performance

Vocability's virtual choir!

Sign along with Mrs King.

A Million Dreams

The Greatest Showman 

Sign along with Mrs King



Best Day of my Life

American Authors

You've got a friend in me

Dancing Queen


Check Out this mashup.

Can you make up your own?

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